Analysis of Common Faults of Chain Saw

2020-10-27 16:56:24

Long term use or maintenance of chainsaw is not in place, which cannot avoid failure. This paper analyzes the causes of common faults of chain saw.

1. It is difficult to start the chain saw (unable to start at normal temperature):

A first, check whether the spark plug has serious carbon deposition and try ignition (contact the cylinder and pull the starter to see if there is spark);

B whether there is surplus oil in the cylinder (flooded cylinder);

C. confirm whether there is cylinder pressure;

D. readjust L and H screws of carburetor;

E. check whether the oil pipe is installed in place (the oil needle is screwed into the end clockwise and turned back (anticlockwise) for 1 ~ 1.5 turns).

2. The starter cannot be pulled

A whether the starter is damaged;

B check whether there is adsorbate on the flywheel;

C check whether there is cylinder score (check whether there are scratches on the piston from the exhaust hole and air inlet hole);

D whether there is friction between flywheel and cylinder.

3. Abnormal noise during operation

A. check whether there are foreign matters in the muffler and whether the muffler screws are loose;

B. whether the shroud interferes with the flywheel and whether there is any foreign matter adsorbed on the flywheel;

C. whether the spark plug is loose;

D. whether the clutch is loose and whether the crankshaft needle is broken;

E. whether the guide plate and saw chain are too loose;

F. whether the locking screw is too loose.

4. Speed too high during operation.

A whether the air filter is covered by dust (air supply);

B. whether the fuel filter is blocked by impurities (oil supply);

C. whether the high speed screw of carburetor is adjusted too high (mixing ratio);

D check whether there is cylinder score (check whether there are scratches on the piston from the exhaust hole and air inlet hole).

5 Lacking of motivation while sawing

A adjust the H screw of carburetor properly;

B check the attrition rate of cylinder and piston ring.

6. The chain is too loose under operation

A check whether the chain is installed in the sprocket;

B. chain is installed according to standard, pull the saw chain, the distance from the middle guide tip to the guide plate is 5-6mm;

C loosen the lock nut of the right side cover, adjust the adjusting screw, adjust the chain tension properly, and lock the right side cover;

D. one chain link can be properly cut off.