Classification and Characteristics of the Brush Cutters

2020-10-27 16:56:41

The brush cutters (also known as lawn mower) are mainly divided into two categories: side hung type and back loaded type. The carburetor is divided into float-type and pump diaphragm type.

A small two-stroke or four-stroke gasoline engine is used as the driving force for both types of brush cutters, and the output speed and power are approximately the same. The working parts of the operating rod are also the same. They can be installed with a straw head, a blade, a multi tooth saw blade, etc., as well as auxiliary parts such as a harvester and a straw raker.

Comparing with the side hung type brush cutter, the structure of the operating rod is the biggest difference except that it is equipped with a backpack frame. The hard shaft is connected with the clutch by a soft shaft, which increases the friction. To a certain extent, the structure is complex, and the failure rate will increase. Because the flexible shafts are different, the operation modes are different: the side hung type brush cutters use left and right operation handles, while the back loaded type brush cutters use front handle and accelerator handle. 

The Choice of Brush Cutter

After understanding the classification and characteristics of the brush cutter, we will introduce how to choose the brush cutter.

Theoretically, the more complex the structure, the more factors of failure will increase. In fact, the failure rate of the back loaded brush cutter is higher than that of the side hung brush cutter. Therefore, only from this point of view, the side hung brush cutter should be more durable, and the first choice is the side hung brush cutter.

If the factors such as mountain walking or climbing operation are taken into account, the truck mounted brush cutter will greatly reduce the labor intensity and be more suitable.