Maintenance of Chain Saw

2020-10-27 16:56:09

Daily maintenance

Check whether the accelerator trigger works flexibly and reliably, and whether the idle speed is normal.

Check whether the brake device is normal, and remove all wood chips and oil mud from the brake device.

Check whether the tension adjustment device is damaged, and replace it if necessary.

Check the air filter.

Check the lubrication hole of the oil pump guide plate, remove the impurities in the guide plate groove, and lubricate the sprocket bearing of the guide plate.

Adjust the chain tension, file the chain and check whether the sprocket is worn.

Check whether the starter and starting rope are worn or damaged, and remove the sawdust and sundries at the air inlet of the starter.

Check whether the circuit switch works normally.

Check all fasteners.

Weekly maintenance

Clean the sawdust and sludge at the carburetor, air filter and cylinder radiator.

Check the starter and starting spring;

Clean the flywheel blades and the air inlet.

Remove the carbon deposit from the spark plug and adjust the electrode gap.

Lubricate the clutch bearings.

File the flying edge of guide plate guide groove.

Monthly maintenance

Clean the fuel tank, fuel filter head and oil tank.

Check whether all wire joints are firmly contacted and well insulated.

Check the wear of brake strip, clutch block, clutch spring, clutch disc and other parts, and repair or replace them in time.

Clean the sundries and oil stains on the surface of carburetor.

Clean the carbon deposit of pressure reducing valve and dredge the pressure reducing hole.