Maintenance of Lawn Mower

2020-10-27 16:57:27

Good maintenance job could make lawn mower play its greater performance.

1. maintenance of long-term storage lawn mower

First, drain the fuel in the fuel tank, and start the lawn mower to idle until it is shut down due to fuel exhaustion;

Second, just shut down the engine in the hot state, first put out the old engine oil in the crankcase, and then add new engine oil to the appropriate scale;

Third, remove the spark plug, drip 5-10ml of engine oil into the cylinder block, rotate the crankshaft for several turns, make the cylinder block evenly distribute the oil, and then install the spark plug;

Fourth, remove the dust and debris around the cutterhead, body, cylinder block, cylinder head radiator, air guide cover, mesh cover and muffler, and apply oil on the exposed metal parts;

Fifth, put it in a dry and ventilated place for preservation.

2.Maintenance of lawn mower in spring

Lawn machines are generally not used in winter and stored in the warehouse. If not maintain the lawn mower well before storage, it will often cause that the machine will not start in the next spring. The general reason is that before lawn mower is stored, the fuel in the fuel tank and carburetor is not exhausted, and the accumulated fuel cannot be burned because it is expired. At the same time, the presence of oil in the carburetor will cause the deposit after gasoline volatilization to block the oil hole, resulting in the lawn mower not start or run smoothly.

processing method

A. It may be that the oil in the tank has not been drained for the first year, so check whether the fuel oil is qualified fresh oil and change it for fresh oil;

B. If the carburetor is not burnt out before the lawn machine is stored, the carburetor should be cleaned (please ask professionals to clean it).

3. Replace the lubricant oil every 30-50 hours.

Just after the engine stops (if the temperature is low, the oil will be sticky and dirty), remove the ignition wire of the spark plug and immediate drain the oil, recover it, and add appropriate lubricant oil to the specified scale. You can drain the lubricant oil in the drain hole of the oil pan at the lower part of the cutter head, or you can open the oil filler and tilt the lawn mower to the left to drain.

Danger of excessive lubricant oil

The engine oil lubricates all parts of the machine in the cylinder block through the function of the engine oil splashing wheel, which continuously splashes the engine oil, cleans, lubricates and cools all parts of the machine. If too much engine oil is filled, it will cause a lot of emulsions and bubbles, and at the same time, it will not splash the engine oil, thus it will not play the role of lubrication and increase the temperature of the cylinder block. Therefore, it is necessary to add proper amount of engine oil.