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Auston 631 Brush Cutter
Auston 631 Brush Cutter

Auston 631 Brush Cutter

*Fuel saving.
*Ultimate product design, only 7 Kg.
*More than 0.5 Kg lighter than 40-5 brush cutters.
*Stronger power, 30% higher fuel efficiency.
*Professional quality, easy to handle high workload.
*Major parts are all high end brands, more durability and longer life span.
*Ideal tool for cutting grass, harvesting rice, wheat and beans etc.
*More handy than 40-5 machines.


Max. power:1.2 1.2 kW
Cylinder bore: 36 mm
Product weight:7 7 Kg
Max. speed: 10000 rpm
Engine displacement: 25.4 cc
Fuel tank capacity:  0.95 L


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